FAQ : General

a. Why are the cake prices so high?

i. Our cakes and its decorations are all handcrafted and made using the best quality ingredients, most of which are imported. In addition, our cakes are made of mousse, which are costlier to produce than cream-based sponge cakes.

b. Why can’t I choose a specific time for delivery?

i. As we have quite a number of deliveries to fulfil and need to take into consideration road traffic conditions and other unforeseen circumstances, we are only able to offer a time range for deliveries to avoid customer disappointments.

c. Why do cakes require at least 2 days pre-order notice, and subject to availability?

i. We are a niche business and all cakes are handmade, we have limited production capacity and hence require advance notice for orders. If we have too many orders for a particular cake on any particular day, we may have to stop taking more orders for that cake.

d. Why is there an admin charge for change of cake/collection date or cancellation after the order is placed?

i. Changing an order may just mean a phone call/email on customer’s part, but there are numerous tasks that need to be undertaken by us to make the change. This will require additional time and effort on our part to ensure that any change is carried out accurately.

e. Why am I unable to reduce/increase the size of a cake I ordered if I call less than 4 days before collection?

i. Our kitchen’s production plans and preparation of ingredients are determined 4 days prior to cake production.

ii. Requests to change a cake’s size with less than 4 days’ notice will disrupt our ingredient allotment process and affect cake production.

f. Why can I fit only 25 characters on the birthday tag?

i. Due to limited space on our standard chocolate tag and to ensure legibility, we can only fit 25 characters onto the tag.

g. For cakes purchased off the shelf, can I write my message directly on the cake’s surface?

i. We are unable to write the message directly as all our cakes come decorated. The décor will have to be removed in order to do so, which will damage the cake’s surface and makes it unsuitable to write on.

h. Why can’t I bring the cake overseas?

i. As our mousse cakes need to be kept refrigerated, we do not recommend the cake to be brought overseas as the transit time outside of refrigeration is likely to increase, which increases the chance of contamination.

i. Why can’t the Passion fruit Meringue be kept overnight?

i. The cake is made using meringue sponge. When kept overnight, the meringue sponge would absorb the moisture from the mousse and the cut fruits. As a result, the meringue sponge turns soft and the texture of the cake is lost. Hence, we do not advise that this cake be kept overnight.

j. What flavours can I use for the 3D cakes? Why can’t the Meringue/ certain other flavours be used?

i. The available flavours are Chocolate Fudge, Double Chocolate Praline, Cocoa Napoleon and Strawberry/Mango Shortcake.

ii. The Meringue and other flavours are too soft to withstand the weight of most customised décor and are hence unsuitable.

k. Why must part of the 3D cakes be kept aside in a cool area?

i. As the base cakes are made of mousse, it must be kept refrigerated to prevent it from turning soft.  

ii. The 3D portions are made of brownie wrapped in fondant icing and marzipan or made purely from fondant icing. When such icing cakes are kept in the fridge, the resultant water condensation would cause the colour from the icing to run. To avoid this problem, the 3D portion must be kept outside in a cool area and placed on the cake just before cutting.

l. Why is there a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces for miniatures?

i. Each miniature is made of brownie wrapped in marzipan and fondant icing. As our minimum mould size for these ingredients will produce 10 miniatures, we need the minimum quantity to ensure there is no wastage.

m. Can I have more/less profiteroles (instead of the standard quantity) in my croquembouche?

i. This is not possible as the quantity specified is the number of profiteroles is required so as to maintain the shape of the croquembouche for each cake size.

n. Are your cakes ‘halal’?

i. Most of our cakes contain gold leaf gelatine, which is a non-halal ingredient.

o. Can I have less sugar in my cake? Why not?

i. Cake-baking is a precise science and we have to adhere strictly to the recipe to ensure the cake’s quality. We are unable to use less sugar in the recipe as a difference of just one gram of sugar in the recipe will alter the cake’s taste and texture.

p. Why do you charge extra for cake-cutting service?

i. The extra charge is to cover for the Chef’s time and cost of ingredients as each cake slice is individually decorated.

q. Why do I have to pay for the cake upon reservation and not collection?

i. We have encountered increasing cases of customers who have reserved their cake without payment and then did not show up to collect their orders. In such instances, we have to dispose of the cake and bear the loss. As such, we have implemented a policy where cake payment must be made upon reservation.   

r. Do you make an alcoholic version of a non-alcoholic cake?  

i. Yes. But we need an order lead-time of at least 10 days and subject to availability. An additional charge of $20 +GST per kg for 1kg-sized and above cake will also apply and only for cakes of at least 2kg in size.

s. Are you able to customize a special cake flavour upon request?

i. Yes. But we need an order lead-time of at least 14 days and subject to availability. Cost for such is $150 +GST per kg, and only for cakes of at least 2kg in size.  

t. Why can’t your kitchen produce all the cakes that are found in your menu?

i. As we have over 100 cake recipes in our staple, it is uneconomical for us to offer all cake flavours every month. We only produce an average of 20 different flavoured-cakes per month.  

u. Why do you not make sponge cakes with butter cream?

i. Given that we are a niche business with limited production capacity, we have decided to concentrate on our core specialty, i.e. mousse cake.

v. Why do you only make a limited number of cupcakes a day?

i. Given that we are a niche business with limited production capacity, we are only able to produce about 80 cupcakes a day.