About us

    The Patissier ... a delightful marriage of traditional French baking with

    creative and exciting flavors

    The Patissier, a leading boutique bakery founded and based in Singapore since 2000, take the very best of traditional French baking techniques and translate them into innovative and original sweet indulgences. Our handcrafted cakes and pastries are baked with the finest ingredients and are perfect for special occasions or as a daily treat. 

    The confectionery creations of The Patissier are known for their sophisticated flavors and creativity. We have elevated our creations to a new level by melding exotic elements drawn from Asia's varied epicurean cultures to craft desserts that offer a richness of taste and flavor. This is exemplified by our Passion Fruit Meringue - which has become synonymous with The Patissier and a hot favorite among local cake connoisseurs.

    A dessert from The Patissier satisfies more than your palate. It is a complete sensory feast from the first blushingly red berry to the last perfectly placed chocolate curl. 

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